Debbie and Richard Roberts
251210 Rocky Range View
Calgary, AB  T3Z 1K8
1.888.536.0230 (Toll Free)
1.866.775.1781 (Fax)

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Directions from Calgary

1. Head west out of Calgary on the Trans-Canada Highway (16th Ave. N. and Hwy. 1). Go past Exit 172 (Old Banff Coach Road).

2. Take a right at Exit 169 (Springbank Road). Woody's RV (map marker B) is on the southeast corner of this exit, and Calaway Park (map marker A) is on the southwest corner.

3. Drive north on Range Road 33 for 0.7 km, where you will find a four-way stop.

4. Continue driving north on Range Road 33 for 2.4 km. Turn left on Rocky Range View (your first left turn after the four-way stop).

Please enjoy the majestic views of the Rocky Mountains. This is one of our favourite things about living here.

5. Heading west on Rocky Range View, you will find the road makes a 90-degree turn to the right after 0.8 km, taking you north.

6. Anew Horizon is the fifth house (or fourth driveway) on your right after the 90-degree curve. Our address is 251210 Rocky Range View, and our phone number is (403) 536-0230. We are Marker C on the map.

Directions from the Rocky Mountains

1. Head east on the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy. 1). Go past Exit 161 (Highway 22 to Cochrane).

2. Take a left at Exit 169 (Springbank Road). Calaway Park (Marker A on the map) is on the southwest corner of this exit.

3. Drive north on Range Road 33 for 0.9 km, where you will find a four-way stop.

4–6. See instructions 4–6, above, for the remaining directions.